The path taken by the South Tirol-based company SEPPI M. for almost 50 years in the specialist production of mulchers has led this product to reach a maximum technical level and has optimised mulchers for the most demanding needs. Not only in agricultural and municipality use, but also in forestry and very heavy duty work, the offsetting mulchers designed and manufactured by the company SEPPI M. in Caldaro (BZ) are among the most multi-purpose machines on the market. The SMWA avs or SMO avs mulchers are ideal for maintenance of greenspace, road-sides, river banks, canals, electricity lines, gas pipelines and in agriculture, in particular in vineyards. All models can easily adapt to roadside contours thanks to the highly flexible float adaptor. The position of the float on the SMO avs mulcher is managed in two points: Firstly, the floating movement of the entire mulcher (vertically) and secondly the floating movement of the head (tilting). The floating position is only used during work. For transport, movement must be locked with the specific pin and the safety bar should be inserted. These models can be used on 40 – 120 CV tractors and can mulch grass and bushes up to 7 cm Ø. Hydraulically tilted from +90° to -50° together with wide ranging side shift (up to 136 cm) make the machinery highly versatile.
As well as the floating function, SEPPI M. has developed the safety breakaway system FLEX-SAFE™ (standard), which prevents: damage to linkage also in heavy duty working conditions! The articulated three-point linkage allows obstacles to be avoided without damaging the mulcher. When an obstacle is reached, the FLEX-SAFE™ systems allows scanning of the obstacle by bending the boom back up to 25°, giving the operator all the time needed to notice and lift the head, avoiding damage.
Let's not forget the quality of the materials used in the SEPPI mulchers guarantee they last over time, even in the heaviest working conditions. The strength and resistance of these mulchers are particularly appreciated by landscaping professionals. Therefore, the strengths are low maintenance costs thanks to the S420 high strength steel casing, the counterknives inside the casing in forged steel, the reinforced belt protection and the high strength support roller with highly resistant supports. The adjustable, rear hood optimises tractor power by regulating opening based on the material to mulch and manages the shredding level.
The standard rotor is equipped with high strength, forged and tempered steel flails, to mulch various diameter branches, guaranteeing high strength against wear and facilitating material shredding. With helical distribution on the rotor, high cutting quality at uniformly distributed power is guaranteed.

The model exceeding the characteristics of a simple flail mulcher for agriculture and entering the class of machinery for forestry use is the SEPPI side mulcher, the SAV model. Equipped with a forestry rotor, it can shred wood and bushes up to 12 cm. The SAV mulcher, compatible with 100 – 150 CV tractors, can be tilted from 90° upwards to -65° downwards. It is also equipped with hydraulic side shift. Based on the width of the work, the machinery can reach an external side position of 427 cm to the right. Another prerogative is the working width available up to 275 cm! Thereby the machinery reaches the maximum depth of slopes or inclined roadsides in a single, safe passage.
By doing so, SEPPI M. always tries to meet the multiple needs of landscaping professionals and farmers, simplifying their work and increasing safety at work, as they can rely on guaranteed professional consultancy.

Client testimonies provide the best validation of the manufacturer SEPPI M. Watch it in our video!

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